About the Web Site

The PACE - Monmouth web site is a resource for students, staff, parents, and alumni to help them fulfill the mission of the program. The site is organized into seven sections:

About Us describes the program, its mission, history, and organizational structure, and other information of general interest to those unfamiliar with the program.

Program Information describes the program’s hours of operation, its calendar, inclement weather procedures, and ways to enroll as a student or volunteer as staff.

News and Events reports items of interest to the PACE community. This may include personal accomplishments, reviews of recent events, photo galleries, announcements, schedule changes, etc.

The centers (Student, Staff, Parent, Alumni) contain information of particular interest to those sub-communities of PACE - Monmouth.

The Student Center has a wealth of student resources. There are links to homework help, colleges, financial aid, career planning, and cultural sites. There are PACE class descriptions, assignments, and links to additional information. There are descriptions of student activities, such as the Math Bowl, Thinkathon, Essay Contest, and others. Student work, such as student designed web pages, bridges, and Science Forum projects are highlighted. On-line contests and games can also be found in this center.

The Staff Center provides resources to help the staff teach and mentor more effectively. Here, one can find links to education sites, cultural sites, and career sites. This center is also the place for staff to attend to administrative duties on-line.

The Parent Center provides tips and other resources to help parents help their children succeed within PACE, at school, and in getting into and paying for college.

The Alumni Center is a way for PACE alumni to connect back into the program.

The site also contains a Site Map that lists all the pages in the site, a Contact page for getting additional information, and a Search box, on each page, to help find information of interest.


No personal information of any kind is stored on the PACE - Monmouth web site. Neither is any information sold or distributed to any outside persons or organizations. In general, pictures are posted with the permission of the subject or are posted in password-protected areas. These areas are accessible only to members of the PACE community.


Most pages on the PACE - Monmouth web site are open to anyone. Some pages are accessible only to active members of PACE and require a login to view. You need a login if

  • you are a current PACE student, parent, or staff member
  • you are responsible for updating information on the web site, or
  • you want to view the Photo Gallery

Otherwise, a login is not required. If you need a login, contact the webmaster via e-mail or from the web contact form . Please provide your name, E-mail address, and your association with PACE (student, staff, parent, alumni, etc.).


If you find errors (broken links, misspelled words, factual errors, missing information, etc.), please report them to the webmaster via e-mail or from the web contact form.